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I have traveled

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Geregistreerd op: 19 Jul 2018
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BerichtGeplaatst: 01-08-2019 03:14:35    Onderwerp: I have traveled Reageren met citaat

I have traveled through many places, I have seen many times of clouds, have tasted many kinds of wine, but only loved a person of the best age. Shen Congwen The farthest distance in the world is the distance between birds and fish. One is flying in the sky, but one is diving deep into the sea Wholesale Cigarettes. If we forget how to cry, forget how to laugh, forget how to chase and run until the madness; then the fishing boat in the sunset sings late, the tree shadow under the cold moonlight night, is it not? Also forgot to let us quietly and independently stop thinking about it? We put the dust on our backs and were your eyes, but let the heart lose its dependence and go to wander. It is the life of this life has been lost, the mountains and rivers are empty. I loved it at night, but I found that only in the quiet night, I could listen to the breath and constantly think about some people I met, something. I am afraid that the wind knife and sword will kill all the enthusiasm Newport Cigarettes, and then I will be safe. Buddha's flowers, Jiaye smiled. However, the bubble phantom is not as good as a cup of flower tea. Whenever I want to calm down and write something, I often get confused, and then write some messy things, and finally become a piece of land. I am afraid that my own mood is sometimes the same. Suddenly remembered the title of a poem written by a friend in high school: love complaints. It��s so hard to tell, I��m not Xu Zhimo, nor Hu Lancheng��s Xu Zhimo said that ��this may be a idiot Parliament Cigarettes. It��s a madness.�� I��m in my eyes, it��s an inaccessible realm that I can��t hope for. Once I reach it, I am afraid I can't be myself. Xu Zhimo not only mad at himself, but also made women crazy for him. Mr. Xu, who wants to fly, still flies away. There are eight sufferings in life: life, old, sick, dead, love to leave, grievances for a long time, can not be allowed, can not let go. Buddhism: Life is made by oneself, and by heart, everything in the world is a phase, and the heart does not move, and everything does not move. We still have no choice. if I get it I am lucky, but if not, it is fate. I don��t know what to do, it��s going deeper and deeper. Why did the fate begin and where it ends. The origin is shallow, what is the deep feeling? Perhaps it is the predecessor, or in this world, each of us seems to be driven by something, and we can't get what we might not get. This is called pursuit. It��s not a rumor, when the song ��has a beautiful woman, I don��t forget it. I��m not seeing it in a day, thinking like a madness.�� When the girl who sells the wine bows down and promises, is it destined? The birth of "White-headed Stork"? Shouting loudly against the sea, in addition to the waves seem to be stirring in the bottom of my heart, how come the echoes of the slightest, the people who want to love are too lonely, the lonely people will not love. Perhaps it is due to life, let us all be the same. It is not a slap in the face, but a song and dance of water, which makes the pebbles perfect. I feel that the only thing I insist on is that I won't be smoothed by life. Sharp and sharp, this is something I have always regarded as a treasure, even if it is too self. Just thinking about being crazy and getting old, loving to be old. We are the stone, I don't know if it will hurt. It��s chaotic, and I��m talking nonsense. As if thousands of words were condensed in the throat, they could not spit out and could not swallow. The insistence must be pursued. Life or death, every peace. Just like the one who is in love with each other, this hate does not matter the wind and the moon
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