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The first was set up in Seoul

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BerichtGeplaatst: 17-04-2018 08:32:15    Onderwerp: The first was set up in Seoul Reageren met citaat

TEHRAN Jordan 6 Wheat Mens Shoes , July 28 (Xinhua) -- Iran's Foreign Ministry on Friday slammed Washington's threats and pressures pertaining to Tehran's recent successful launch of a satellite carrier.

The launch of satellite carrier is "Iran's inalienable right" and in compliance with its international obligations, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Baharm Qasemi said, according to the ministry's website.

The Islamic republic will not wait for the permission of others for its scientific research and activities, said Qasemi.

The U.S. opposition to Tehran's successful launch of rocket is an indication of Washington's "intervention approach in the internal affairs of other countries," Qasemi said.

The United States should stop its "hostile attitude" towards Iran Jordan 6 Wheat Womens , he said, adding that "instead of accusing Iran of unfounded charges, the United States is better to quit repetitive violation of international regulations and give up unbounded sales of fatal weapons which have targeted the peace in the region."

The United States imposed on Friday new ballistic missile sanctions on Iran in response to what it called Tehran's "continued provocative actions" including a recent rocket launch, said U.S. Treasury Department.

The sanctions targeted six Iran-based subsidiaries of Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group, a company central to Iran's ballistic missile program Jordan 6 Wheat Mens , said the treasury department in a statement.

Iran launched on Thursday a space vehicle which used technologies "closely related to those of an intercontinental ballistic missile," representing a "threatening step by Iran," said the statement.

Xi honors military officers, unit ahead of Army Day

China promotes 5 officers to general

7th meeting of BRICS High Representatives for Security Issues held in Beijing

Annual maximum peak of Hukou Waterfall seen due to heavy rainfall

Big year for China's military as PLA to celebrate 90th birthday

China's biggest automated cargo wharf to start operation by end of 2017

Hukou Waterfalls in N China enter summer flood period

Chinese research vessel "Kexue" conducts operation in South China Sea

Debris scattered over a large area at the bottom of the sea in the Philippines indicates at least one underwater explosion had torn apart the massive Japanese World War II battleship Musashi 70 years ago.

Experts from a research team analyzing a live feed from an unmanned underwater probe Friday say they believe the Musashi suffered at least one magazine explosion while descending in the 1,000-meter (3 http://www.jordan6wheat.com/ ,280.84-foot) deep sea.

The Musashi sank in October 1944 in the Sibuyan Sea during the battle of Leyte, losing half of its 2,400 crew. It was last seen disappearing into the water in one piece.

The research team, sponsored by Microsoft co-founder and entrepreneur Paul Allen, was the first to successfully locate the ship Cheap Air Jordan 6 Wheat , just ahead of the 70th anniversary of the war's end.

ISTANBUL, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- Amid criticism against the Turkish government for not forcibly opposing an upcoming independence referendum by the Iraqi Kurds, many fear the Kurdish bid may lead to Turkey's break-up in the long run.

"This referendum is a first step that will set the stage for Turkey's disintegration," Haldun Solmazturk, a retired general with the Turkish military Air Jordan 6 Wheat Golden Harvest , told Xinhua.

Some world powers are known to have plans since the fall of the Ottoman Empire following World War I to create a Greater Kurdistan that would extend to several countries in the region, while the emergence of a Kurdish state is widely perceived as an existential threat to Turkey with a Kurdish population of nearly 20 million.

Turkey would suffer the most from the Greater Kurdistan project, maintained Solmazturk, who currently chairs the Incek debates at the Ankara-based 21st Century Turkey Institute.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is scheduled to vote on independence on Sept. 25, despite opposition by the Iraqi central government and some neighboring countries including Turkey and Iran.

The Iraqi Kurds are expected to vote in favor of secession by a large majority Air Jordan 6 Wheat Pre Order , although some Kurdish parties are against the move.

"This referendum is not a development that would work in Turkey's favor," Hasan Koni, a professor of public international law, told Xinhua.

"This process would lead in the longer run to the establishment of the Greater Kurdistan," observed Koni who teaches at Istanbul's Kultur University.

The referendum result itself will not mean an automatic declaration of independence as voters are simply being asked about their views on independence from Iraq.

A "yes" vote will give the KRG the green light to declare independence when circumstances are deemed suitable in the future.

Top Turkish government officials have repeatedly voiced opposition to the referendum that it would lead to further instability in the turmoil-hit region.

Ankara has not Air Jordan 6 Retro Wheat , however, signaled that it would take such punitive measures as closing its border with the KRG or stopping exporting Kurdish oil via Turkey should the Kurdish region press ahead with its referendum plan.

Due to this fact, some remain unconvinced about the sincerity of the remarks made by Ankara regarding the independence move.

The government's reaction is no more than remarks on paper that have no real significance, Ozturk Yilmaz, a deputy chairman from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Air Jordan 6 Wheat For Sale , claimed on Tuesday.

Yilmaz, a former diplomat, also warned that the Kurdish referendum may have dangerous consequences in the region, as he argued that the vote would open the Pandora's box.

The Iraqi Arabs and Turkmens as well as neighboring Iran are strongly opposing the Kurdish attempt.

On Tuesday, the Iraqi parliament rejected the proposed referendum as unconstitutional and Prime Minister Haider a.
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