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The Canadian Kennel Club has actually separated the many breeds into seven different groups. These groups basically tell you what the dog was originally developed and bred for.

There are also sub groups you can delve into Eli Manning Jersey , that would be more specific in defining the general temperament of that particular dog breed. Don't forget that often the temperament of a breed will actually follow the function of that breed. Obviously you want to match temperament and energy of the dog with the family.

Also, you need to match the energy of the family with the energetic needs of the dog. An elderly lady or gentleman will not be able to go for long brisk walks; on the other hand, they may very well enjoy the slow ambling walks.

Also to take into consideration; do you socialize a lot? Will you be gone often, the dog left alone? There are so many different questions and answers. Make yourself a list, and then, take that list to the breeder.

-How much time is spent away from home?
-Do you live in a house Saquon Barkley Jersey , apartment or condominium?
-Do you walk often? Are they brisk walks, or ambling walks?
-Do you have kids, what age are they?
-Can you afford a dog and its upkeep?
-Are you willing to train your dog? This is very important!
-What attributes do you need your dog to have? Such as calmness; gentleness; energetic; protective, loving, sociable, there are many others. List the ones you want in your dog.

Here are the seven groups. Next article I will go into the sub groups.

The Sporting Group
These are high energy dogs. They are also bright dogs and have the need to do something for you Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , such as retrieve. So, if you want to run, play ball for hours in a day, this dog is great. They need mental and physical exercise.

The Hound Group
These are the runners. If you are a runner then a hound is great for you. If you love to go on long walks, daily walks, then these are the dogs for you. There are two types of hounds Kyle Lauletta Jersey , those that want to run top speed, and those that are trail hounds, they just go ambling along their trails. Hounds do a lot of howling, so you need to consider this also.

The Working Group
The working breed is an active dog. They are active in various different activities. Some are pullers, some are herders, well Lorenzo Carter Jersey , actually, there is also a herding group; some are protectors and some are rescuers. So, make sure you know what you are going to do with your dog, and then choose the right one.

The Terrier Group
Terriers are high active dog. They were bred to get rid of vermin originally. They are long legged, short legged and one time also fighting dogs.

The Toy Group
These are the little dogs with attitude. The dogs that rock! There are so many different types in this group that you really need to analyze exactly what you want, and what they will give. You have lots of choice in this group.

The Non-Sporting Group
Such as the Dalmatian. If you haven't found what you want B.J. Hill Jersey , it's probably in here.

The Herding Group
These are highly intelligent dogs such as Australian Cattle Dog, Shetland Sheepdog, and Belgian Sheepdogs. These make excellent pets.
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Ruth is actively involved with the internet. Her passions are people and pet health. She is a wife, a stepmom a dog owner and a business person. She is married for almost 30 years. One of her dogs is a Certified Therapy Dog. Her passions are dog care and dog training. Her Home PageHer Adopt A Dog Blog And Her Pet Blog

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