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Cancer of the colon is cancer of the large intestines or bowels. There is an uncontrollable growth of tumor cells in the lining of this part of the intestines.The cancer may spread to the walls of the intestines http://www.cheapnfljerseyssteelers.com/antonio-brown/ , adjacent structures and to other organs. There are about 100,000 new cases of colon cancer in the USA each year and about 60,000 deaths. Worldwide there are about 600,000 deaths. The disease affects both women and men. Risk factors and causes- Cancer of the colon is commoner in industrialized countries where meat consumption is high. Risk factors include: -History of colon cancer in the family-Diet high in saturated fat -Alcohol consumption -Low fibre diet -Obesity -Smoking -Inflammatory conditions of the colon -Age over 50Signs and Symptoms- Signs and symptoms are usually evident when the tumor gets to a certain size. They are often related to the presence of the tumor mass in the area. They are:-Change in bowels habits -Blood in the faeces -Abdominal distension -Constipation -Chronic fatigue -Weight loss -AnaemiaDiagnosis If symptoms suggest that a tumor may be present a colonoscopy is performedColonoscopy-This is examination of the entire colon using a lighted tube to examine for the presence of lesions or growths. A biopsy of any abnormal tissue can be done at the same time making it a preferred diagnostic procedure.It is also the standard test used to screen for colon cancer.Biopsy- If a tumor is spotted http://www.cheapnfljerseyssteelers.com/ , a biopsy is done. In this investigation a specimen of any lesions or tissue is obtained to examine for the presence of cancer cells. This is the most definitive diagnostic procedure, as the tumor can then be identified as either benign or malignant. Barium enema- This is a procedure in which a barium compound is instilled in the rectum filling the rectum. X-rays are then taken and the colon can be viewed through its outline.Digital rectal examination (DRE)- In this procedure a physician examines the anus and the rectum and prostate using a gloved finger. Stool for occult blood can be done at the same time using any stool left on the glove.Blood tests- Another investigation is blood tests for tumor markers. If cancer is present the protein antigen is elevatedPrevention of colon cancerConsumption of red meat seems to contribute to the higher incidence of colon cancer in industrialized countries. Developing a healthy eating pattern is therefore an important preventive action. Other preventive measures include: -Regular screening for those at risk -Keeping physically active -Avoiding tobacco -Keeping weight within limits -Controlling alcohol consumption -A high fibre diet Treatment Surgery- This is the removal of the section of the colon affected, along with the blood supply and lymph nodes. Following this resection either an anastomosis or a colostomy would be performedAnastomosis- In this procedure the ends of the remaining colon are joined together by a reconstructive procedure. Colostomy- If the reconstructive procedure is not possible or is too risky, a colostomy is performed. This involves bringing the end of the remaining colon through the abdomen and sewing it to the skin. A stoma is created through which faces is excreted. This may be temporary or permanent. Radiation- Radiation is used following surgery to remove the tumor cells not removed by resection or when there is metastasis. Chemotherapy- This is the use of anti-cancer drugs. Chemotherapy is used when there is a risk that the tumor will return. It is also used for stage 4 cancers when surgery is not possible. Other possible treatments are Adjuvant therapy and Alternative therapy. Phoenix is a destination that will create memories that will last for a life time. This city is a major tourist attraction and is considered as the valley of the sun. Having been one of the best tourist attractions it is a land that has something for everyone http://www.cheapnfljerseyssteelers.com/vince-williams/ , be it the rich and the classy, or one that is looking for the budget stay, with equally comforted stay. The Phoenix hotel encompasses with all the ranges of hotels to get maximum satisfaction to their visitors. Hit the floor with all the best amenities and luxuries you can get in the destined visit.

Not missing the extracurricular activities apart for viewing the sceneries of the beautiful landscapes, mountains http://www.cheapnfljerseyssteelers.com/marcus-gilbert/ , parks, are the shopping malls, best of the cuisines with entertainment that emerges from the land itself, are add-ons. This is not just specified or restricted to the hotels in the city area http://www.cheapnfljerseyssteelers.com/ramon-foster/ , however, it goes beyond tradition, and now there are Airport hotel that render the same luxury, and services that one looks for in a vacation destination. The best advantage of these hotels is that they are just few minutes away from the airport.

One such hotel that suits every budget is the Phoenix airport hotel http://www.cheapnfljerseyssteelers.com/david-decastro/ , a hotel that is reviewed as one of the most comforting zones for them who look for retiring after a long and tiresome journey, located at walking distance from the Phoenix airport it carries the best advantage with itself. You will sure opt for the same hotel ones you check in, because it offers a little more than the expected hospitality. Not just the casual 24x7 service, it adds a little excitement in every service they provide.

Phoenix sky harbor international airport hotel is another destination for your retiring option. This magnificent hotel is again close to the Sky harbor airport that makes it special http://www.cheapnfljerseyssteelers.com/mike-mitchell/ , and is more in demand, be it the commercial traveler or the much expected tourists. Specializing in hospitality services and rendering every comfort to its visitors symbolizes Airport hotel phx.

Phoenix airport hotel, are not just retiring rooms provided at the city airport, there is much more to them http://www.cheapnfljerseyssteelers.com/jordan-berry/ , you will find entertainment, shopping, beverage & restaurants, and much more of it local cuisines as well as whatever you are looking for. There are many options for airport hotels http://www.cheapnfljerseyssteelers.com/alejandro-villanueva/ , be it the Phoenix airport o.
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