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Recreation > Food > Health FoodBee Supplements For Your Health
Posted by nick_niesen in Recreation on October 26th Cheap Dalbert Henrique Jersey , 2010

Bee Pollen
Bee pollen is often referred to as nature's most complete food. Human consumption of bee pollen is praised in the Bible, other religious books, and ancient Chinese and Egyptian texts. Bee pollen rejuvenates your body, stimulates organs and glands, enhances vitality, and brings about a longer life span. Bee pollen's ability to consistently and noticeably increase energy levels makes it a favorite substance among many world class athletes and those interested in sustaining and enhancing quality performance.

Bee Propolis
Bee propolis, often called Natures penicillin Cheap Cristian Ansaldi Jersey , has historically been used to treat TB, ulcers, mitosis, colitis and to boost immunity. Bee propolis has been shown to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungus and even penicillin-resistant bacteria (staphylococcus). It contains bioflavonoids, one of which (galangin) is a natural antibiotic. As well Cheap Borja Valero Jersey , Bee propolis boosts immune functioning, specifically by increasing the activity of phagocytes (killer cells). Bee Propolis also inhibits prostaglandin production, thereby stopping inflammation.

Bee Propolis is a resin collected from plants by bees and used in the construction of hives. Bees adopted sterilization habits long before humans. The most sterile place in nature is the bee hive. Propolis is the natural substance responsible for neutralizing any bacteria, fungi or virus which enters the hive. One of the most powerful foods found in nature, Propolis is a highly complex mixture of waxes, resins, balsams Cheap Antonio Candreva Jersey , oils and a small amount of pollen.

Bee Propolis is a waxy substance collected by honey bees which contains phytotonizides. Phytotonizides are believed to contain immunity factors, which when used internally, stimulates the body and gives it a natural resistance to diseases (a natural antibiotic). Propolis is gathered from all around the world, and proper temperature control will assure maximum freshness and consistency.

As a supplement, Bee Propolis is an excellent aid against bacterial infections. Stimulates 'phagocytosis'; helps white blood cells to destroy bacteria. Good results against inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and the throat, dry cough, halitosis Cheap Andrea Ranocchia Jersey , tonsillitis, ulcers, and acne. Stimulates immune system.

Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is a substance of complex chemical structure produced by the young nurse bees as larva food. Although it is not quite as well known as bee pollen, royal jelly equals pollen in its salutary effects.

The young nurse bees make royal jelly, it is a secretion from glands on the tops of their heads. For 2-3 days, royal jelly is the only food given to all young larvae in their maturation process, while for the queen larvae Cheap Andrea Pinamonti Jersey , it is the specific food for their whole life period. During the 3 days in which the worker bee larvae are fed on royal jelly, they reach the maximum development; their weight multiplies about 250 times. The queen (fed only on royal jelly for her entire life) reaches maturity 5 days earlier than the worker bees; and, when she is fully grown, her weight is double that of the working bee. The span of the worker bee's life is about 35-40 days; while the queen lives 5-6 years and is extremely prolific. She is fertilized once, and from that moment on can lay as many as three thousand eggs a day during the season. As incredible as this may seem, she can lay that many eggs for five years.

This rich concentrated food is not just useful for the bees. It contains remarkable amounts of proteins, lipids Wholesale Inter Milan FC Jerseys , glucides, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, mineral substances, and specific vital factors that act as biocatalysts in cell regeneration processes within the human body.

Could Fasoracetam help to get rid from substance abuse?

Posted by research on May 2nd, 2018

Could Fasoracetam help to get rid from substance abuse?

The use of prescription stimulant drugs has gained popularity worldwide especially among healthy people. American emerges as fifth in the annual prevalence of misuse of prescription stimulants Wholesale Inter Milan Jerseys , according to the World Drug Report. The high percentage of healthy individuals using stimulant drugs for cognitive enhancement suggests that most people are seeking for memory benefits. Thus, outweighing that in some cases of short or long-term use may trigger or exacerbate mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, psychosis and even addiction.
Drug abuse and addiction remain considerable health problems and there is substantial evidence that the use of addictive drugs can cause dependence problems more quickly when their use starts before adulthood, mainly with the use of psychostimulant drugs. During adolescence, the brain undergoes continuous changes and studies state behavioural implications of this fact. Some behaviours are common during this period, including the urge for new experiences overbalancing risks Cheap Inter Milan FC Jerseys , what may increase tendencies to experiment drugs. Therefore, when individuals achieve the addictive state, they keep making poor choices despite the negative consequences .
Regarding drug abuse reward, dopamine (DA) is a crucial neurotransmitter involved. The reward system is a product of DA pathway, which connects the ventral tegmental area of the midbrain to the limbic system, and involves the nucleus accumbens, the amygdala Cheap Inter Milan Jerseys , the hippocampus and the medial prefrontal cortex. The imbalance between dopaminergic circuits that underlie reward, conditioning and executive functions such as emotional control and decision-making, is thought to contribute to compulsive drug use and loss of control in addiction.
From this point of view, Fasoracetam is a psychostimulant of the non-amphetamine type, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat narcoleps. Wholesale Custom Jerseys Wholesale College Jerseys Cheap Nike Huarache Sale Cheap Nike Huarache Sale Cheap Air Huarache Blue Cheap Air Huarache Ultra Cheap Air Huarache Pink Cheap Air Huarache Grey Air Jordan 13 For Sale Jordan 4 Shoes For Sale
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