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Golf Balls

The first piece of equipment that you will need to play the game is a golf ball. These tiny dimpled balls are not dimpled just to be cute; the dimples actually help them cover greater distances when struck with a golf club. This brings us to our second piece of equipment, the golf club.

Golf Clubs

You can find golf clubs in all shapes and sizes, and depending on your distance from the hole and the terrain that you are playing on Cheap Marcus Cannon Jersey , you may want to use a driver or a putter. Drivers let you cover a lot of ground when you start your game. As you near the hole you will use your club to chip or putt. Each of these clubs has very different characteristics. There is also a huge range in club quality and price, so you can find something to suit any budget.

Golf Bags

As you begin to acquire your golf clubs, you will need a golf bag. This way you can keep all of your gear in one place. You golf bag will have a pocket for golf balls, towels and of course, your clubs. Properly storing your golf equipment keeps it performing well Cheap Patrick Chung Jersey , and that way you know when you make that magnificent chip shot that it was all you, so there is no point having a heated discussion with your club.

Golf Shoes

Another very important piece in your golf equipment collection is a pair of comfortable golf shoes. They?re not the same as regular tennis shoes or walking shoes because they are made for walking on the grass or the greens.

Golf shoes have rubber pointed spikes on each sole to get a good grip with the ground when you are hitting the ball. Having a solid stance when you are hitting a golf ball is important because even the slightest wobble can make your ball go sailing in the entirely wrong direction.

Whether you are planning to play professionally or play just for fun, a great pair of comfortable golf shoes makes the game entirely more enjoyable. Like any shoes, find a pair that is comfortable to walk in, because golf is predominantly a walking game; and sore feet make it hard to enjoy your game.

Golf Tees

Now you will need a tee to begin your game. Most golf courses provide wooden tees for you to use in your game. It is a tiny wooden pin that you place in the ground to hold the ball when you ?tee off? or hit the ball at the beginning of each hole.

And a Golf Cart Too?

As mentioned before Cheap Alan Branch Jersey , golf is primarily a walking game, unless you have a golf cart that is. Golf carts are little electric cars that you can use to drive from hole to hole on the golf course. Even though they are not allowed to be on any of the greens, you can still load them up with your golf bags and a cooler full of drinks for the long game ahead. Usually you will rent the cart at the golf course at the beginning of your game.

Golf is a highly popular game, and you can find equipment at many different specialty shops. The Internet also has a plethora of sites that cater to the golf enthusiast. You can also find used golf equipment, which may be an excellent way to buy quality equipment for a beginner. Check out your local sports or golf shops as well for great deals on golf equipment.
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